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Parking garage floor system

Date: 2017-01-02
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Floor features: dust-proof, wear-resistant non-slip, easy to clean, simple maintenance, the appearance of bright, diverse colors, simple construction, low prices and other characteristics. General thickness: 1 ~ 2mm

Scope: factories, schools, hotels, medicine, residential quarters, shopping malls and commercial buildings, such as parking.

First, the resin floor to the concrete surface of the grass-roots requirements

1. Before construction, should be marked in accordance with the existing national "construction of ground engineering quality acceptance" GB50209 for primary inspection, acceptance before construction.

2. The compressive strength of primary concrete is not less than 25MPa, tensile strength of not less than 1.5MPa, the surface shall not sand, hollowing, shell, peeling, loose, linen, grease, dust, cracks and other defects.

3 grass flatness application 2m by foot inspection, it is best to use laser leveling machine construction and single-disc and double-disc wiping light received. The flatness of the cement-based and gypsum-based self-leveling mortar ground substrate shall not be greater than 4mm / 2m. The flatness of the epoxy self-leveling, anti-static self-leveling and self-leveling ground sand base shall not be greater than 3mm / 2m.

4. Concrete base must be dry, the ground floor needs to be set waterproof layer or waterproofing treatment, in the depth of 20cm thickness, the moisture content should not be greater than 4%.

5. The surface of the grass-roots surface without oil, cement dust, cement floating pulp and other attachments, in the epoxy floor during construction should ensure that the construction area waterproof, dust, keep the surrounding environment clean, prohibited in the construction area cross-installation construction.

6. Ground floor and wall junction site, floor (ground) surface of the casing and other details of the structure should be carried out after the protective treatment of ground construction.

Parking garage floor system

Parking garage floor system

Parking garage floor system

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