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Epoxy coating
Anti-skid, impact resistance, long-lasting; color soft, decorative effect is good; general (1) floor mats: non-solvent system, in line with the concept of environmental protection; can be used for medium and above loads; high cleanliness, to meet the GMP testing requirements; Thickness: 3 ~ 5mmScope: GMP pharmaceutical factory, the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, laboratories; warehouse hall, restaurants, offices, shops, etc.
Time: 2017 - 01 - 02
In the vast majority of industrial plants in the floor will be applied to the steel mesh, that is, vertical and horizontal steel reinforcement to a certain spacing and arranged at right angles to each other, all the intersection are tied together with the mesh, and the bonding of concrete anchoring , To withstand the load evenly distributed distribution, so that the structure of the floor, crack resistance is better. Application in the floor are: two-way two-way reinforced mesh and single-layer two-way steel mesh.
Time: 2017 - 01 - 02
Floor Features: solvent-free system, in line with the concept of environmental protection; can be used for medium and above load; surface smooth, suitable for purifying the environment; long life, a variety of options to choose; general thickness: 1 ~ 3mmApplicable scope: suitable for concrete and cement leveling layer, suitable for moderate traffic areas, such as warehouses, pharmaceutical workshops, manufacturing plants, production plants, garages, etc.
Time: 2017 - 01 - 02
Floor cracks in the floor is the most critical element. Most of the floor maintenance costs are associated with some form of floor slit damage. Ground floor joints will inevitably lead to ground discontinuity, which may lead to vehicle damage to the floor in operation. Floor seam setting has two purposes:First, the daily pouring of concrete boundaries (construction joints); the second is to reduce the floor when the risk of cracking (contraction joints and isolation details). Construction joints must be set up dowels, as the floor between the various parts of the load transfer device. The trad...
Time: 2017 - 01 - 02
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