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Waterborne epoxy floor paint has become an inevitable trend in the development of coatings

Date: 2017-01-02
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The 21st century, energy-saving emission reduction has become a corporate social responsibility, water-based paint technology as energy-saving emission reduction, health, surrounded by the main measures to become the focus of the industry.

With the rapid development of the construction industry, especially the application of high weatherability and high energy-saving architectural coatings, the demand for epoxy resin floor coatings and polyurethane floor coatings has attracted wide attention. Enhance the requirements of energy-saving emission reduction as a social responsibility, water-based floor paint development speed and environmental advantages, more and more water-based products in the floor industry to be applied.

Water-based epoxy floor paint with its obvious performance, function, environmental advantages, in all kinds of water-based paint in the floor more and more attention by experts and the market certainly.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's environmental awareness, many countries have promulgated environmental laws and regulations limiting volatile organic solvents (VOC), coating water-based, solvent-free and high solid differentiation has become the inevitable trend of coating development. Solvent-free epoxy floor paint contains a small amount of reactive diluent, coating thickness of 1 ~ 5mm, high cost and contains a small amount of volatile organic solvents, water-based epoxy floor paint is also in this environment to promote The product.

With the strengthening of environmental regulations and people's environmental awareness, water-based epoxy floor coatings will be widely used, in order to improve the water-based epoxy floor paint, research and development of water-based epoxy industrial floor coatings have great economic benefits And social benefits, the development of new varieties is to consolidate and develop water-based floor paint an important part.

Fei Fushi Building Materials Co., Ltd. as a well-known enterprises in Wuhan floor paint, pay attention to the floor wear-resistant and other excellent performance at the same time, pay more attention to environmental protection, so others would like to create better and more healthy products to feedback Support the trust of the Philippine consumers.

After the introduction of the new equipment and continuous product performance improvement and R & D, the production of Epoxy resin wear-resistant flooring coating has achieved significant results, production and sales of a series of water-based epoxy floor paint products , And to provide quality technical services.

Fei Fashi waterborne epoxy floor coatings have the following advantages:

(1) water as a dispersion medium, without toluene, *** like toxic volatile organic solvents, to avoid the risk of fire, reducing environmental pollution, to meet the current environmental requirements.

(2) in the wet environment construction and curing, a reasonable curing time to ensure that the film has a high cross-linking density.

(3) for most of the substrate has good adhesion, even the wet substrate surface also has good adhesion.

(4) operating performance, paint preparation and construction of safe and convenient operation, construction tools can be directly cleaned with water, and can be reused.

(5) After curing the coating luster, soft, good texture, and has good one-way permeability and comprehensive performance.

Waterborne epoxy floor coatings can be used in the pharmaceutical, food, hospital, textile, chemical, electronics and other industries of the production plant (water-based epoxy floor paint), water-based epoxy floor paint, , Office buildings, warehouses, laboratory floor coating, especially for ground floor, basement, underground parking and other relatively humid environment.

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