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On the Necessity of Abrasion - Resistant Floor

Date: 2017-01-02
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Emery wear-resistant floor because of its economic, durable, short construction period, has been widely used in workshops, industrial plants, car parks and other places. However, with the increase in use of time, there will be Fansha, from the ash and so on, affecting the appearance of the same time, but also the image of the enterprise and production had no small impact. Today, the new floor for you to solve the problems plaguing you.

First of all, we start from the construction of wear-resistant carborundum floor, because this is the first step, but also a key step, it will directly lead to the use of floor effect.

Emery wear-resistant floor of the construction process is as follows:

Construction process: grass-roots clean-up → positioning pay-off, branch-side → wet grass-roots layer brushing interface agent → laying → reinforced concrete paving → concrete vibrator → coarse scraping → fine scraping → the first slurry → The first disc grinding → the second sprinkle material → the second disc grinding → machine received light → cut → conservation.

In case of a large area of construction, will have to consider jumping warehouse construction, to prevent settlement caused by cracks.

Secondly, is also the focus of this article, wear-resistant floor to do the need for curing.

As we all know, no matter what things have a certain life expectancy, it is impossible to always keep the youth. In particular, the concrete and emery wear-resistant floor, they are in the course of the bear is all the weight and wear, it is not difficult to understand why some of the floor after use will appear Fansha, from the gray phenomenon. In the previous article, rejuvenation floor has repeatedly mentioned the occurrence of this phenomenon, the objective and subjective reasons, not repeat it.

In the above picture, you can clearly see do not do the difference between curing and curing. Brightness is the most obvious difference, but if you do curing is to enhance the brightness of the floor, play a beautiful role, then a big mistake.

So, what is the role of curing in the end do? This must first understand the principle of sealing curing agent.

Sealant is a transparent liquid curing agent, directly applied to the concrete surface. The solution penetrates into the concrete and reacts with the cement component to form a durable, wear-resistant, dust-resistant surface. It is mainly used in the new pouring concrete floor or old ground renovation, through full penetration, its active ingredient can quickly and free calcium in concrete chemical reaction, the formation of crystalline colloid to fill the structure of the gap, increasing the density of the structure, making concrete Surface layer to form a rock-solid sealing entity, which greatly improves the strength and abrasion resistance of the surface of the concrete structure, thereby obtaining permanent dust-proof, anti-skid, wear-resistant, hard, compressive, impermeable, weathering, chemical resistance, Bright, environmental protection, greatly extend the service life of the ground.

The characteristics of the sealant curing agent are as follows:

Sealant curing agent is a permeability of the product, than only the role of shallow surface with better durability.

Hard: the penetration of water-based curing agent after curing the ground, Mohs hardness will reach 9, Mohs hardness increased by 45.3%; through the chemical reaction with the cement-based materials to achieve a higher surface hardness.

Wear-resistant: concrete penetration seal water-based curing agent can be a variety of ingredients in concrete curing into a hard entity to increase the hardness and density, the use of the ground after aging, the wear resistance will increase to 8 times;

Dust-proof: concrete osmotic seal Water-based curing agent and concrete in the silicate chemical reaction in the concrete surface to form a dust-free, dense whole, permanent control of the concrete from the surface of the precipitation of dust. The chemical action eliminates free lime and other soluble particles, forming a strongly bonded anti-dusting surface.

Anti-skid: the general concrete floor, salinity components from the surface precipitation, resulting in slipping. But the ground is different, it formed on the concrete surface of a solid, dense whole, salinity components will not precipitate from the surface.

Compressive strength: The compressive strength of treated sample is 40.0% higher than untreated sample, and the flexural strength is increased by more than 4 times.

Impermeable: can effectively penetrate into the concrete, and its chemical reaction, locked inside the pores, the concrete surface to play a permanent seal effect, can effectively inhibit water, oil and other surface dirt into the concrete;

Weathering: UV and water spray on the treated sample has no adverse effect. Can effectively prevent the chloride ion through the test showed that the treated ground, not exposed to electromagnetic or water mist affected;

Corrosion resistance: the treated ground, will greatly improve the corrosion resistance of concrete. Sealant curing agent can reduce the absorption of concrete surface and improve the surface resistance of solvents, oils and chemicals commonly used resistance

Bright: concrete curing agent after curing the concrete floor will appear like a marble-like gloss, the longer the use of the better gloss.

Environmental protection: concrete sealing curing agent is a concrete seal, dust, abrasion hardening agent, colorless, odorless, non-toxic non-combustible, can make concrete strong and dust; to prevent water, oil penetration, alkalization, weathering Wait.

Sealant curing agent for the following purposes:

1, for the old concrete floor of the surface hardening agent to prevent dust from the ground and improve the durability of the floor;

2, suitable for concrete and artificial stone ground.

3, typical applications include: industrial floor, light industrial plants, warehouses, farms, dairy, slaughterhouse, parking, logistics warehouse.

4, can be used for surface hardening of prefabricated components.

5, can also be used for bridges, dams, airport runways, highways, exterior protection and other areas.

Through the above text content and image comparison, I believe you have on the wear-resistant carborundum floor seal to do a certain understanding of why the curing. As for how the same wear-resistant floor curing better, it is recommended to choose a strong professional construction unit to ensure quality.

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