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The first exhibition of the North Floor debut in the capital in 17 years

Date: 2017-01-02
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With China's economic development, floor industry in the country has been a great development in the northern region, the floor products from primary to advanced, from single to diverse, floor market from scratch, from small to large, At present has formed a thriving industry.

Epoxy floor which is now a popular classification options.

At present, the underground garage floor in the construction tend to consider the epoxy floor. The main material is epoxy resin paint, not only environmental non-toxic, but also has a convenient curing, there is no connection joints, chemical stability, mold resistance, wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and also has a protective effect , Coating the surface of the material can form a dense film, wood and other non-metallic materials or metal materials and sunlight in the ultraviolet, air, micro-organisms and water isolation, free or less by the erosion and destruction of natural factors, Prevent material corrosion or rust, thereby enhancing the life of the material, but also extend the life of the parking lot floor. From the decorative point of view, the epoxy floor itself and the nature of which contains a variety of coloring materials and additives, so that the coating material on the surface of the film with a variety of colors, luster and texture. Transparent paint finishes can make textured wood more expressive. Some opaque paint on the surface of the material at the same time, the surface of the film can be formed hammer, wrinkles, orange pattern, some paint can also make the surface of the material showed fluorescence, pearl and metallic luster, different material shape for the parking lot to play a certain floor Of the decorative role.

In addition to the underground garage, the epoxy floor is still in the hospital, public corridors, warehouses, factory floor and other fields have been more widely used. It is reported that, including many epoxy floor, floor materials, floor machinery, flexible flooring and other areas of brand enterprises will be February 27, 2017 to March 1 debut at the old Beijing International Exhibition held the fifth China (Beijing) International Floor Materials and Equipment Exhibition. As the largest flooring exhibition in the north, the exhibition will bring together a lot of new materials, new equipment and new solutions for the floor, and bring together tens of thousands of dealers, agents, construction units, international purchasers, architects, design institutes and Real estate development agencies and other professional audience groups, to build one-stop platform for procurement and exchange platform, the exhibition will also be held over the same period China Ping Zhou, real estate procurement docking, hospital and kindergarten procurement Matchmaking, Floor Construction Forum, designers Sharon and many other industry activities.

Let us February 27, 2017 to March 1 similar to the Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Jingan Zhuang old country show), witnessed the north floor industry to a new level!

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