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With China's economic development, floor industry in the country has been a great development in the northern region, the floor products from primary to advanced, from single to diverse, floor market from scratch, from small to large, At present has formed a thriving industry.Epoxy floor which is now a popular classification options.At present, the underground garage floor in the construction tend to consider the epoxy floor. The main material is epoxy resin paint, not only environmental non-toxic, but also has a convenient curing, there is no connection joints, chemical stability, mold re...
Time: 2017 - 01 - 02
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Emery wear-resistant floor because of its economic, durable, short construction period, has been widely used in workshops, industrial plants, car parks and other places. However, with the increase in use of time, there will be Fansha, from the ash and so on, affecting the appearance of the same time, but also the image of the enterprise and production had no small impact. Today, the new floor for you to solve the problems plaguing you.First of all, we start from the construction of wear-resistant carborundum floor, because this is the first step, but also a key step, it will directly lead to t...
Time: 2017 - 01 - 02
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The quality of the concrete base combined with the floor coating or repairing adhesive material depends to a great extent on the cleanliness of the concrete surface and the surface cleaning and preparation work. The ability to resist water, antifreeze salts, sea salt (liquid or gaseous), oxygen, carbon dioxide and other corrosive contaminants is usually taken into account by the needs of the user, the outer structure as a whole. In addition, the impact of the repair work on the environment (such as noise, dust, etc.), the overall performance of the structure, the durability of the restoration ...
Time: 2017 - 01 - 02
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The 21st century, energy-saving emission reduction has become a corporate social responsibility, water-based paint technology as energy-saving emission reduction, health, surrounded by the main measures to become the focus of the industry.With the rapid development of the construction industry, especially the application of high weatherability and high energy-saving architectural coatings, the demand for epoxy resin floor coatings and polyurethane floor coatings has attracted wide attention. Enhance the requirements of energy-saving emission reduction as a social responsibility, water-based fl...
Time: 2017 - 01 - 02
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